Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Trismore 2014

Trismore was a big hit this year! We had the whole family participate even Jake who we registered very last minute. It was a cold day so he skipped the pool, but was so happy to do the bike and needed daddy's help on the run. Super cute. Heidi commented on the way home that she is glad we are a "racing family". Me too Heidi! It's all about family memories and teaching them to keep their body's healthy!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Kids photo shoots

Location scouting with the famjam one day, turned into a fun photo shoot a couple days later with some of my favourite images ever of my kiddos!

And then some snapshots that I love, including the owl we spotted up in the tree!

Whew  That was a lot of photos ')

Green Stripe

Jadyn completed her green stripe belt test last weekend and I couldn't be more proud of her and all her hard work and dedication! She is taking the summer off and trying out some new things in the fall, but hopefully one day we will return and finish more belts. It's a great program with amazing instructors and she has loved it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mono Monday

I am doing this post a day late, but since it's my blog I can make up my own rules, right?  Haha.  I was too tired last night and went to bed early, plus tonights moon was amazing, so it's a good thing I waited anyway.  The moon pictures are technically not black and white, they were shot in colour, but since there was no colour, no conversion was necessary!

And my boy who has been sick for 5 days, leaving me with the only good thing about having sick kids, to take some sweet sleepy pictures!  He is so lethargic it's so sad.  but I loved seeing him all curled up in my bed after a bath.  Then when Heidi popped upstairs and snuggled up to him I just couldn't resist! I actually loved these ones in the colour too so I included them in the end.  Again I make make my own rules right ;)

Friday, May 09, 2014


I just realized I missed blogging about Fairmont!  We decided to get away for the kids spring break in March this year and headed to Fairmont.  Even though we were covered in snow at home, somehow only 3 hours away it was spring!  So the kids had fun playing outside finally!  We had a lot of fun just being together and exploring since we had never been there before.  There was a lot of pool time, a lot of hikes, and a lot of just playing at the park.  The kids are still talking about how fun it was and wanting to go back next year. 

I played a lot with one of my new lenses on the big camera:

 And then we have the trusty iphone pictures to capture all the special moments!

 We ran into the Wolff's and Mya LOVES Lindsey so it was fun for them to get to play together while we were there.